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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

We understand that your pets are like family, and it’s our top priority to make you feel comfortable with the care we provide them. To make sure all your questions are answered, we’ve included our FAQs below.

Cocker Spaniel

My pet has a special diet. Can their needs be accommodated?

Of course! We want your pet(s) routine to stay on track as much as possible. Being away from home is already stressful enough for them, so keeping them on the same diet / treats is the better option. However you feed at home, is what will be replicated with us. It is important to note, however, when being away from home, some dogs tend to not want to eat right away, or will not eat as much as they normally would. This is completely normal and to be expected from our staff. Staff will keep you informed if your dog is not eating as they should to make accommodations.

Border Collie

What do I supply for overnight boarding?

Anything you feel will make your pet(s) the most comfortable. Please note that any bulky bedding or blankets is not recommended due to our washer and dryer not being able to accommodate bulky items. However, bringing a blanket is ideal, as well as any toys that your dog is use to having around. If your dog is a chewer, we do not suggest bringing anything that they could potentially chew up and swallow. You will also need to bring their own food and any treats you would like for them to have during their stay. All food and treats must be provided in a closed container with the dogs' names. Lastly, if not given prior, we will need a hard copy of their vaccination records - We require the Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper-Parvo vaccines to be given at least 48 hours before their boarding stay.


How can I check on my pet during their stay?

Call in at any time!! Staff will stay in contact for any feeding issues or issues in general, but if you need the extra comfort, please do not hesitate to call to check in! We do not mind at all. We do also offer an extra service of picture updates which allows you to receive pictures and an update from staff to let you see your baby and get an update of how they're doing.

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